Canadian Artists on display in Pattaya

(L to R) Artist Jim Ulrich, along with co-owner of Narai Gallery Paul McGarry, H.E the Canadian Ambassador to Thailand David Sproul, Violinist Bing and co-owner of Narai Gallery Lek pose in front of Jim Ulrich’s art work.

Paul Strachan
It was an impressive turnout on Saturday October 18 at Narai Gallery to see the latest work from Canadian born artist Jim Ulrich.
Jim is a man with a wealth of experience as an artist as well as a lecturer, with over 35 years working in this field. His latest work embodies maturity, boldness and perspective.
Jim’s inspiration and development stems from a myriad of sources and his interest in natural phenomena and extensive travel has engaged him in projects near and far, including Northern Australia, California and here in Thailand.

A pair of art lovers inspect one of the works on display.
His multi-layered works are primarily in acrylic on canvas and Jim’s current works exploit new industrial pigments and synthetic colours that extend colour perception and experience.
The intricate dialogue, rhythms and visual conversation in his new work engage the viewer’s imagination as never before.

His work on display at Narai Gallery consists of 23 paintings, 3 of which were immense in scale and brave in their use of colour. Jim’s work is almost tactile and when I interviewed
him for PMTV he encouraged me to trace my fingers across the canvas, which was like
scanning a map of a beautiful and uncharted landscape. He explained that he prepares the canvas by soaking, folding, and manipulating it, so that it forms contours and then he gets to work with the various elements at his disposal. Even with such long-standing career in the arts Jim was modest enough to admit that many works were not on display - but that was
merely part of the creative process. The three large works could easily adorn corporate
offices, and might even be suitable for the home. Co-owner of Narai art gallery Paul McGarry
could hardly contain his excitement of not only the exhibition but also to the fact that he
had purchased one of the large works for his own private collection. Another art fan at the opening of this exhibition was the Canadian Ambassador to Thailand His Excellency
David Sproule, who officially opened the exhibition and was keen to point out that he was a keen lover or art. Prior to this event he thought that the best work was only available in Bangkok, but he went on to say that he was delighted to see the work of his fellow Canadian on show here in Pattaya. He hopes this exhibition will help promote Pattaya for other visiting artists and art enthusiasts. The event was well conceived, and featured a buffet, Thai
dancing and plenty of wine on hand. The exhibition entitled: Fly Over - A sense of place is
on show at the Narai Art Gallery on Soi 5 Pratamnak Hill for the next seven weeks.

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